Higher Committee of the profession

Article 4 - A - (of the temporary profession regulating law number (73) for the year 2003)
A higher Committee for the profession shall be performed, headed by the minister (Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply) and the membership of:

  • Minister of Finance - Vice-President
  • Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan.
  • Chairman of the Audit Bureau.
  • Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Securities Commission.
  • Director General of the Insurance Commission.
  • Company Control Observer
  • Chairman of JACPA.
  • Someone with experience and competence in accounting from private sector appointed by the Council of Ministers upon the recommendation of the Minister.
  • Accounting University Faculty member appointed by the Council of Ministers upon the recommendation of the Minister's and the university’s president.
  • Three Certified accountants designated by the Council.

(B) The term of membership of the members referred to in items (8) and (9) and (10) of paragraph (a) of this article is two years, renewable once, and may change any of them to appoint substitute for the remaining period of membership and that in the same way which appointed the substituted one.

Article - 5 of the same law states: The higher committee holds the powers and permissions for the following:

  • Adoption of accounting and auditing standards which are applicable upon the recommendation of the Council.
  • Formation of the profession license committee and put the necessary instructions to organize their work and determine their powers and how to conduct JCPA and other matters related thereto.
  • Approval of granting license’s Practice, upon the recommendation of the License Committee and cancels this license upon the recommendation of the higher committee.
  • Consider the objections submitted to the Council's decisions.
  • The formation of committees to assist the higher committee in carrying out its tasks and determine their powers.
  • Issuing instructions concerning the organization’s work and instructions necessary to implement the provisions of this Act and the regulations issued thereunder.
  • Preparing draft legislation relating to the profession in cooperation and coordination with the Council.
  • Adoption of professional institutes of Certified Accountants or equivalent institutions.

Article 6 A - from the same law states: Higher Committee meets at the invitation of its chairman or the vice president in his absence at least once every three months, and shall constitute a quorum for its meetings with the presence of at least two-thirds of its members to be among them President or the vice president and make decisions with the majority vote of the members at least.

(B) The minister chooses the secretary of the higher committee, who shall regulate its meetings, writing MOM, keeping records and follow up the implementation of its decisions.