JACPA was founded in 1987, with independent financial and managerial entity, It has the right to own tangible and intangible assets, as the right to practice all required laws in order to achieve its goals. JACPA has a chairman who will represent it in front of all authorities.

JACPA has a General Committee consist of practitioner Certified Public Accountants – about (596) members. The general Committee negotiates the Association’s annual report and certifies the financial statement, closing statement, choose the auditor to audit the association records, elects the chairman and board members, and review the legislations which related to the audit profession.

JACPA’s functions and powers:

  • Disseminating the profession related information between the certified Public Accountants, Issuing books, Magazines, and exchange them, holding conferences, Seminars, workshops, and train the Certified Public Accountants on the Auditing and Accounting Standards.
  • Cooperating with the universities and education institution in the profession field and suggesting related legislations.
  • Establish a stronger professional and social relationship between the Local and International Chartered, and join the Arabic and international bodies in relation to the profession.