Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of a President and eight members elected by the General Assembly for a period of three years. The Board shall assume the functions and powers of the most important

  • Administration of the administrative and financial affairs
  • Establishing the rules of professional conduct and placement to the Supreme Authority by adopting accounting and auditing standards
  • Forming the committees emanating from the Council and managing the fund for cooperation, health insurance and retirement.

The Present Board of Directors :

Omran Altelawe

Mr. Omran AL-Tillawi


Qusai ObaidatMr. Qosai Eabedat

Board member

Mohannad Atmh

Dr.Mohannad Atmeh

Board member

Steve Karadsheh

Mr. Steve Karadsheh

Board member

Ibrahem Alkhateb

Mr. Ibrahem Alkhatib

The treasurer

Hakam AlkarmMr. Hakam AL-Karm

Board member

Khaled Faraeen

Mr. Khaled AlFeraen

Board member


Mr.Husam Rahal

The Treasure