The association is committed to providing applicants with necessary legal information to guide them to enter the profession of legal accounting and how to join the associations a trainee as well as obtaining the license to practice the profession, this profession earns the certified accountant experience in all industries that the accountant can work in.

The important question is what is the works of the accountant at the profession level?

The paths and tools of accounting functions have been extended to a wide range and included all kinds of works related to the profession.

The person must pass the examination conducted by licensing committee including the exam in the Jordanian legislations related to the profession. The applicant must have at least one of the following:


Those who apply for a license are required to fulfill the following conditions: 

  •     To be Jordanian citizenship .

  •      Have full civil eligibility .

  •      Is not sentenced to a felony or a misdemeanor that is contrary to morality or trust.

Must have any of the following qualifications

  • Accounting degree.
  • Certificate of community college (Diploma) majoring accounting .
  • A university degree in any of the specialties related to the profession but it’s a must to include the minimum number of. accounting materials, these certificates shall be determined by the minimum requires under the legal profession
  • A certificate in the profession from the professional institute of legal accountants or equivalent and recognized by the supreme authority under instructions issued for this purpose if he holds a university degree.

After passing the exam, he meets the membership requirements of the association



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