Continuous Education Hours

Continuing education is the follow up of the legal accountant to follow up developments related to the profession through attending seminars or conferences or participating in courses in specialized institutes or writing articles in the field of the profession. The practicing accountant must submit a certificate of continuing education for a period of not less than twenty hours during the month of July of each year upon the renewal of the license to practice the profession. Training hours are calculated as follows:

  •       Training courses and attending professional conferences 

  •          Participate in research in scientific conferences and is equivalent to 10 hours of training 

  •         Writing articles in the journal checker or other specialized magazines in the profession equivalent to 5 hours training

  •     For the purpose of applying continuous training, participation in research in professional conferences or writing articles in professional journals is not counted as more than 10 hours of training

  •     The accountant registered in the non-participants record and who’s willing to return to register in the participants of the profession record shall submit to the Board of Directors a continuous education certificate of not less than (40) hours before transferring his name to the register of performers.