The strategic vision of the Association is to regulate the profession of legal accounting and to ensure compliance with accounting standards, auditing standards and standards of professional conduct, which contributes to the protection of the Jordanian national economy and to improve the scientific and professional level of Jordanian accountants and strengthen Jordan's Arab, regional and international standing in this field.


Is to ensure compliance with the rules of accounting and law and to strengthen the role of the Jordanian accountant and impartiality and independence and the interests of members and maintain the traditions and honor of the profession and encourage scientific and professional research in the various fields of the profession and contribute to the planning and development of training programs to raise the efficiency of human resources through training and continuing education and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of censorship To the Jordanian companies and to provide added value for auditing and interaction with economic, cultural and scientific activities and to participate in providing advice to legislatures, government agencies and the private sector.