Online Education

Online education is a method of learning in communicating information to participants based on modern computers technologies such as CDs, educational software, email, discussion and discussion areas, Rapid transfers in technology have led to new patterns of learning and education which further  strengthen the concept of individual or self-education where the participants follow the learning according to the capacity and ability as well as speed of learning, according to the previous experiences and skills.

Online education is one of the most advanced styles of so called distance learning in general and computers-based learning, especially where online education realize primarily on computers and networks to impute knowledge and skills.

Also its an application that include web learning, computer learning, virtual classroom and digital collaboration, the content is provided by Hyper web tutorials, audio and video tapes and via CDs.

Its one of the ways theta support the educational process and transform it from the stage of introduction to the stage of creativity, interaction and skills development, where the latest methods are used in the fields of education, publishing and entertainment by the adoption of computers and storage media and networks.

Internet education is an education that aims to create an interactive environment rich in computer-based applications and the global information networks.

The Jordanian association of certified accountants has work to develop online education and enable web surfers and members to communicate by providing the following services :

  • Email
  • Chat
  • File transferring
  • newsgroups
  • Wide Web (WWW)
  • Knowledge Center
  • Electronic Magazine
yalla shoot اخبار الرياضة yalla koora يلا شوت الجديد مباريات اليوم - يلاشوت yalla shoot اخبار الرياضة yalla koora يلا شوت الجديد مباريات اليوم - يلاشوت