Membership Benefits

After passing the profession exam and joining the certified members for practicing the profession, you can add the title of certified Public accountant to your name and become part of the expert profession sector with the experience that allows you to enhances your experience and give you the full flexibility in practicing the profession

The membership of the Jordanian association of certified public accountants enhances the opportunities available at the level of Jordan, where association offers privileges of access to technical materials, leadership thoughts and other resources in order to support the continuous development of its members.

The association works to preserve the profession and behaviors of members towards each other and the directions of other to maintain the foundations of the profession, in addition to accountability of members, providing a solid basis for a positive position in the community to maintain the profession

Below are some of the advantages offered by the Association in supporting of its members

At the profession level:

  • Participation in the international professional conferences
  • Participation in the scientific day as a work shop
  • Attend free training courses
  • Obtain an answer to technical and technical inquires
  • Getting professional flyers through audit magazine
  • Visiting the scientific and professional library of the association

On the social level:

  • Participation in the optional health insurance
  • participation in life insurance through the cooperation fund
  • Social communication with members
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