The Jordanian Association of Certified Public Accountants holds one scientific conference every two years, in order to discuss various topics related to the profession. The latest Conference was the tenth Conference titled “The role of the audit profession in strengthening the controls and anti- corruption.”

Picture from the last conference


The eleventh International Professional Scientific Conference

The title of the conference, "Towards the universality of the accounting and auditing profession." Conference axes: The first main theme: Accounting: Title: Upgrading the profession of accounting towards globalization Sub-axes: - The role of professional practices in upgrading
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The tenth conference

Conference themes The first axis: the role of the auditor in combating corruption, and the following falls under this axis: Professional behavior of auditors and the extent of commitment to it Governance and audit committees Professional judgment and the extent of the auditor's responsibility for it International auditing and its impact on assessing fraud and corruption
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