According to article (17) paragraph (Z) from the Jordanian association of certified public accountants Num. (122) of the year 2004 the boards of directors decided to adopt the interior list for the committees accordance to article num.(17) paragraph (f) from the  profession law num. (73) of the year 2003 as follows:   

The committees shall be formed by a decision from the Board of Directors as follows

  • Member or more of the Board of Directors must be a coordinator of the committee
  • More than five members of the General Assembly
  • The Council shall appoint a substitute from the committee to replace those who lose its membership in the committee due to its resignation or absence from attending the meetings or any other circumstances

The committee’s aims, under Article (4), shall assist the Council in implementing its decisions and the resolutions of the General Assembly and the objectives of the Association in accordance with the Profession Law and the instructions issued thereunder, through what is transferred from the Board of Directors to these committees and the powers vested in them


  • Help Committees
  • Inspection committees
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Cooperation Fund Committee
  • Coordination Committees